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Why Euro Touch is most
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We are passionate about turning your dreams into a reality.

Our mission is to add core values by using best practice guidance thus providing insights to help you make informed decisions. We believe in making every shot count and our expertise lies in making the most of yours.We aspire to inspire…..empower yourself & soar to greater heights!!!

We aim at breaking boundaries and help you unleash your incredible factor with breakthrough strategies to make your life and business an incredible one .

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who we are

We are a global consulting firm – Uniquely equipped to the task of making a lasting improvement to our clients needs.

Our humble start

This venture was incorporated as an overture of the combination of different views derived from the Cronies - those who have decided to share their notions with the caprice of providing services to the clients without tearing their aspiration in the field of Educational Consulting Services, Migration Services, Travel and Tourism Services, Financial & Managerial Services, Real Estate Services & Business Services.

The Firm was established with the combination of an expert management team and young dynamic professionals who were in this meadow of experience for years.The delegation of services and the standard maintained by the Venture even in the early stages of its incorporation cannot be tallied with other undertakings of the same.

Education Consulting

A pioneer in the field of Global Education, we are a one stop solution for all your international study needs. We single mindedly focus on guiding students to the best possible institutions thus enabling them to build their future. Our portfolio covers an extensive range of reputed international institutions that has worldwide recognition and help students on their way to a high flying career due to the added advantage of a globally accepted degree. We have worldwide tie-ups with institutions for UG & PG Courses in UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Portugal, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Singapore, Philippines, China and Dubai. So why wait ??? Make your LIFE a priority! Jumpstart your dreams….with Euro Touch!!!


Are you a startup company, striving to create special name & image ? Are you looking for consistency, visibility & originality ? Do YOU want to stand out from the crowd ? We create for you a unique name, symbol or design thus making you knowable, likable & trustable. So come build your brand and create your first impression through Euro Touch & be the story that is always being told!

Digital Marketing

Are you visible online ? Are you ready to get more traffic to your website ? Do you have an online marketing strategy ?? We create an online platform for you so that you are able to share and exchange information and ideas with customers online and in virtual communities and network. Carve out your space online through Euro Touch - Digital Marketing at its best and bring your business to a whole new level!


Tired of working for someone else's dream ? Want to make the kind of money and live the lifestyle you're really worth ??Don't lose hope coz a new world awaits you - where you get to be your own boss ! We create a special kind of partnership with established companies so that you get the right to sell their products or services to other companies or individuals. The beauty of a franchise is that you get to buy the brand and the system at one go. Come explore the world of franchising through Euro Touch and be in business for yourself, not by yourself!

Web Development

Do you want a strong responsive virtual presence and increase your clientele worldwide ?? Do you want success in a world driven by internet marketing ?? We build, develop and maintain websites for you through aspects such as Web Development, Responsive Web Design, E-Commerce Solutions and Web Optimization & Promotion. Get it today….through Euro Touch coz we've got it covered for you through our quality, powerful and innovative WEB solutions. We plan, promote and develop it with you.

Crowd Funding

Are you inspired with a business idea but lack the funds to make your project a success ? We help you tap into your passion by attracting a huge backup through Crowd Funding. So why wait ? Start a campaign & become the leader of positive social change.

Experience You Can Trust

We've been there. We've faced the same challenges and opportunities your organization sees every day. We guarantee effective and knowledgeable representation for you and your business. Our reputation and history of success with our clients and their business needs speaks for itself that there's no substitution for the best.


Dedicated Team

Our close- knit team of professionals are trained to hit the road running and have the unrivaled ability to work with you regardless of the situation because our deeply honed expertise stems from a unique understanding that only comes with hands-on experience,and from crafting real-world solutions that get results.


We Treat You with Respect

We treat you well, because we realize you are our business. We recognize that relationships are the core of who we are and so we strive to provide you with tools and resources that can help you succeed and make your life easier. We approach every client with a focus on integrity, advocacy and understanding.


World Class Partners

We offer one-stop-shop convenience to our diverse customers having an equally diverse set of requirements whether it is in the field of business or education. We have established partnerships and collaborations with world class companies and top ranking universities from across the world.


Why you'll love Eurotouch?

View our awesome core services!


We provide you a detailed overview of courses in Universities in different countries and also advice on the apt course for you based on your academic ability and financial capability. We offer up to date information and guidance on immigration rules, Tuition and Living expenses, Scholarships and Facilities offered by the Universities. We also assist you for Visa Procurement, Travel Arrangements and Accommodation.

Franchising / Branding

We know that franchising / branding has distinct challenges and so our mission is to provide you the help you need, precisely at the time you need it most. We will take you through each stage of the franchise / branding decision making process, providing you with free and impartial guidance and clarification where possible and will help accelerate your organization forward.

Online Marketing/ Web Development

We help businesses of all shapes and sizes to thrive in the online world. Our skills span a wide range of creative and technical areas, allowing us to cover every corner of a digital marketing campaign. We review your website, your traffic, and your social media activity. We will show you all of your online marketing opportunities, and help you prioritize your activities so you can see results faster.

Real Estate Services

Be it your home or an investment opportunity, simply tell us your requirement and we help you find the best deals in real estate projects run by the most reputed developers in India. We have properties covering a wide range of price spread all across the country and even overseas. We have partnered with some of the most reputed real estate developers to bring real estate opportunities at the door step of our customers.

Our portfolio

Our work speaks for itself. Take a look at our creativity.

our recent blog

Check out our recent blog posts

Australia announces more flexible work conditions

By Admin 21th Jul 2016

All the students currently studying in Australia or interested in studying in Australia will benefit from the new work conditions introduced by the Australian government. Australian government newly introduced law changes the previous work condition of 20 hours per week while the course is in session to 40 hours per fortnight while the course is in session.


Canada increases the student visa application fee

By Admin 10th Aug 2016

All the students applying for Canada student visa will have to pay increased application fee of Rs. 6,625. All the students who apply for the student visa on or after June 11 will have to pay the new application fee.Indian students applying for the Canadian student visa will now have to pay an increased fee of Rs. 6,125 instead of Rs. 5,750.


UK increases the funding requirements for student visa applicants

By Admin 12th Aug 2016

UK Government has announced increase in the access to the funds required for the grant of the student visa. These changes will require the students to show the increased amount of monthly maintenance funds from £600 and £800 to £800 and £1,000 for the institutions located outside London and inside London respectively.



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World wide tie up with institutions for UG &PG courses
We create an online platform to exchange information and ideas with customers online
We build, develop and maintain websites for you through aspects such as Web Development
Search engine optimization is the process of affecting the visibility of a website

Our Partners

Collaborating with the best for enhanced success is our motto! Meet our world class renowned partners.

The Firm was established on 2006

with the combination of an expert management team and young dynamic professionals who were in this meadow of experience for years.